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The treatment

When you decide to undergo a permanent makeup treatment this page will provide you with information about the realization of the treatment.

Each new treatment consists of three sessions with an interval of four to six weeks to generate optimal results. During these three sessions, the pigment will be brought into the skin layer by layer. By building the pigments in layers natural results can be obtained and these results will stay for a longer period of time. Next to this, the specialist is still able to make changes or adjustments within each session. For example, if you want the color to be more intense or the shape to be adjusted. After the treatment (three sessions in total) is completed, it is advisable to undergo an after treatment in about 1 to 1.5 years. When no after treatment is applied, the pigments will slowly fade in a natural way.

During the intake (first appointment) an ‘informed consent’ document need to be signed. This is a brief questionnaire about your health, which is necessary in order to proceed the treatment in a safe and responsible manner. The first step entails the exploration of the desired pigment color and shape by brushing the selected pigment(s) to draw a subtle example. This is done to make sure that the right color and style will be applied. Thus, when the brushed on example does not meet your wishes, it can be changed before actually applying the pigments into the skin. When the color and shape are chosen, the next step is to apply the pigment into the skin.

After the treatment a skincare cream will be provided and the aftercare form will provide information and tips about how you need to take care of the treated area. With an interval of four to six weeks the following sessions will be performed.

DFine Clinic pays attention to their customer’s comfort; therefore, a calming cream is used to soften the treatment. It is not necessary to bring your own cream.

To generate optimal conditions for each PMU treatment, DFine Clinic offers the following recommendations, which serve as precaution instructions, prior to each treatment session:

●A few days before each PMU session: do NOT drink green tea or other beverages that are high in antioxidants. Preferably, do not eat food and/or supplements that have vitamin A and E. Antioxidants, especially vitamin A and E, protect the skin from external influences and this could inhibit pigmentation.

●24 hours before each PMU session: do NOT drink alcohol. This increases the risk of bleeding during the treatment, which makes pigmentation more difficult. Moreover, it may enhance the potential swelling after the treatment. Next to this, do not take Aspirine, Ibufrofen or Naproxen…. Paracetamol is okay. Also do not take blood-thinning medications (consult your physician before starting the PMU treatment).

●On the day of the PMU session: Do NOT drink coffee or other caffeinated beverages. This also increases the chance of bleeding during the session.

●Do not use a cream (like facial care or a corticosteroid) on the place of the pigmentation on the day of the treatment. Next to this, many facial creams contain vitamin E. If yours contains vitamin E, it is recommended to stop using that cream a few days before the PMU session.

●If you get an eyebrow treatment: it is not recommended to undergo eyebrow bleaching treatments; the chemicals will also bleach the pigment out of your skin. However, the hairs are allowed to be colored.

●If you get an eyeliner treatment: contact lenses should be off. Be aware that it may be uncomfortable to wear contact lenses after the treatment. Next to this, it is strongly recommended to start wearing contact lenses no sooner than 72 hours after the treatment. Preferably the lenses are rinsed with sterile water before placing them. First, to diminish possible infections coming from bacteria from your hands and secondly, because the solution used to clean and store lenses contain salt. Salt draws the pigment out of the skin.

●If you get a lip treatment: when you make multiple use of a lipbalm or lipgloss (more than two times a day for a prolonged time), it is recommended to stop using these balms/glosses two weeks before treatment. Prolonged use of a lipbalm or lipgloss can delay cell division, which could affect the results.

●If you had a cold sore before and you would like to undergo a lip treatment, we strongly recommend you to follow this advice. Start one week in advance with 1000mg to 2000mg L-lysine and vitamin C-ester tablets (for example Solgar and Orthica) up to 7 days after the treatment. Furthermore, start using lubrication with Zovirax cream as soon as you feel a tingling sensation (available in a regular drugstore).

●Do not exercise on the day of treatment, body heat opens the pores and induces sweat release. Sweat (salt) inhibits pigmentation (salt is also used to remove PMU).

●In addition, we recommend not to plan a treatment session during your menstruation week, since this could inhibit pigmentation and/or induce bleeding. Next to this, the skin can be much more sensitive.


When you decide to undergo a permanent makeup treatment this page will provide you with information about how to take care of the treated area after each treatment session.

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